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Website SEO Audits –
Find Out What’s Working
and Fix Whatever is Tanking


SEO can seem mysterious...and maybe too technical.

But, as long as you’re not writing actual code--it's actually pretty straightforward and easy!

What I LOVE about providing SEO audits is taking the confusion and mystery away. 

Most barriers to SEO are small, avoidable traps that are reasonably easy to fix!

What an SEO Website Audit Includes:

  • The bots and I crawl your site

  • I’ll let you know what isn’t working so it can get fixed

  • You’ll have a full written report with screenshots (so you can always check

    the facts)

  • A frank, honest discussion to make sure everything makes sense and moves

    you forward!

Call me to find out more about how an SEO website audit can help you!

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